Automated bending in sheet metal production at Fritzmeier


The investment in an automated bending system offers many advantages in terms of production capacity. The bending cell with two press brakes works with one of the fastest industrial robots. The robot hanging at the portal allow for manual production operation when necessary. Sheet metal panels and finished workpieces are handled mechanically by suction and magnetic grippers. New three-dimensional software for programming bending systems offline with robots depicts all components fully with a 3D simulated environment. The user can control the generated paths and edit them as needed, and then create the work and palletisation program for the robot and for the press. Other software for the human-machine interface is used for automatic management of production with job lists. This software allows the actions of a processing cell to be managed by transferring special work programs to different instruments installed in the cell, which coordinate work and optimise productivity. Production data is then archived.