Work safety

We always play it safe for our employees!

The health and safety of our employees is the first priority for Fritzmeier. We make sure to follow all work safety regulations, and invest in machine and plant that provide exemplary safety:

  • At each workplace there are precise and easily understood safety instructions.
  • Work science recommendations contribute to protecting the health of all employees.
  • We offer tangible help in the form of flexible working hours and support for fitness sport.

Work safety starts with sourcing

As a modern manufacturing company, Fritzmeier uses only machines, tools and equipment that are state-of-the-art and meet all relevant requirements. In sourcing, besides performance, quality and costs, we look at key criteria like:

  • Recognized approvals (such as GS, CE, TÜV).
  • Ergonomics, in terms of sitting position, controls, work sequences, handing, legibility etc.
  • No or only minimal amounts of hazardous substances / materials.

Prevention is the most effective form of work protection
Prevention is the most effective form of work protection

We instruct our staff in careful and safe working. If an accident does happen, we investigate the causes very carefully in order to prevent it ever happening again.

The number of accidents and injuries in our facilities has continuously dropped over the years, and we are working to bring it as close to zero as we possibly can.

If the use of a hazardous substance cannot be avoided, we limit its use to the absolute minimum and replace it with a safer alternative as soon as one is available.

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