DEULA visits Grosshelfendorf

At DEULA Bavaria, practical relevance and innovation are as central as they are to Fritzmeier, so it was perhaps natural that the two organizations should collaborate on the future of agricultural technology. At Agritechnica 2017 the first result was presented, the Smart CAB.

So that we could present the Smart CAB live to DEULA’s partner agricultural schools in Bayreuth, Triesdorf, Landsberg and Landshut-Schönbrunn, groups from the schools visited our headquarters in Grosshelfendorf. Fritzmeier also introduced itself and its Cab Production and Environmental Technology divisions.

The highlights of the visit were the three cabs that were so successful at the fair, Genius, Smart und Global CAB, along with a tractor with passive and active nitrogen sensors, and a soil sampling device.

The visitors showed great interest in the topics presented, and the feedback they provided was also very valuable for the us.