Big challenges call for big ideas – The new Z-Class of Ziegler

In developing the cab for the new Z-Class, Fritzmeier CABS used all of its expertise in light construction. Uwe Rastel, Vice President Sales & Engineering Fritzmeier, explains why: “What does light construction mean for a fire engine? The cab weighs less, so the vehicle can carry more extinguisher. At the same time it needs maximum visibility for extinguishing as well as maximum crash test safety. In order to address these conflicting needs, we used multi-chamber aluminium profiles with a small cross-section. They meet all safety demands, while giving us the flexibility to put in plenty of window area. The Z-Cab AiR, with its 1.8 metres internal height and room for seven people, is Fritzmeier CABS’ biggest cab project to date. It is built in lightweight aluminium construction throughout.