An interview with Erich Thrainer, Head of Development Fritzmeier CABS

With six plants in Europe and one Joint Venture in India, Fritzmeier is one of the major players in vehicle cab construction. What does that mean for customers, and how is the company prepared for the future at the international level? An interview with Erich Thrainer (Head of Development).

Fritzmeier is a company with decades of experience. How does this benefit customers?

Definitely our deep specialist knowledge is a benefit, as is our engineers’ very close understanding of market developments and customer needs. Our large components portfolio is also helpful for customers who don’t want to have to order every component purpose-developed. With our longstanding market presence we have a very good knowledge of the current state of the art and of future developments, so we can give sound advice

How does Fritzmeier make sure that its customers around the world are taken care of?

Via our Europe CAB plants and the CAB Alliance partners we ensure that customers have knowledgeable contacts everywhere in the world. Through regular coordination on technical developments in the market and on regional differences that we need to take into account for international projects, we are always in a position to offer the right solutions to our global customers.

Speaking of that, in terms of current projects, what expectations do customers have today?

The customer is a specialist in his field, and expects us to be specialists in our field. We bring our knowledge of standards, materials and processes into every development project, so we can build the perfect cab. It is also getting more and more important to provide thorough and high-quality documentation on products, such as instruction manuals. We start working on them as early as the development phase.

Digitization, integration capability, etc.: How are current trends affecting what you do?

The technology in cabs is changing rapidly. Cables are disappearing and CAN/BUS controls are coming into use. New HMIs with touchscreens are replacing switches, and automatic systems are helping operators work efficiently. We set up the Leading Expert programme in order to build up and expand on the necessary specialist knowledge. Our engineers regularly attend continued training sessions, learn about trends and give in-house training to raise the level of knowledge in the company.

In your view, what sets Fritzmeier apart from the competition?

We’re a full-service development partner, from product design to ergonomics studies to control engineering. We can do almost everything – and we’re working on doing even more.