Made to order according to the wishes of the customer

As the worldwide leading manufacturing specialist for driver’s cabs, Fritzmeier offers all possibilities for assembly before delivery, from the installation of single components to the fully equipped and tested driver’s cab.

We carry out the pre-assembly of sub-groups, like for example door and roof systems or the total floor assembly with hydraulic components. If requested, we take over the assembly of the vehicle electronics, the electrics with the cab wire harness and end users like, for example, the working headlights, all-round lighting systems, radio etc. The interior assembly with the roof liner, heating, air-conditioning, air-distribution, seating components as well as the further interior paneling is also carried out in modern production lines.

The most comprehensive scope of assembly is the completely equipped driver’s cab, which is then only mounted on the respective vehicle. Just like the plug-and-play principle.