Sheet-metal workingSheet-metal working

Sheet-metal working

Irrespective of which product requirements are made, Fritzmeier lasers, punches and stamps, bends and forms and mounts sheet metal parts.

Profile machiningProfile machining

Profile machining

Whether it is the cab-frame or the roof module, not only the precise and reliable manufacturing, but also the continual dimensional accuracy of the system components is decisive.

Joining technologyJoining technology

Joining technology

Fritzmeier has decades of experience in joining technologies like clinches, studs and welding. We utilize the most modern robot welding systems, also with laser-beam technologies.

Surface engineeringSurface engineering

Surface engineering

We optimize any metal surface for the respective requirements profile – with mechanical protection against wastage and corrosion as well as painting in the desired color.



Every customer desires a different scope of assembly. Therefore Fritzmeier offers all possibilities ranging from pre-assembly of sub-groups to the complete equipping of driver’s cabs.