For each use the custom-made safety concept

Whether it is agricultural machines in forestry, excavators in digging activities or fork-lift trucks in the high-bay storage areas: for every type of use Fritzmeier offers special safety solutions.

The Roll-Over-Protection-System (ROPS) protects against rolling over and is designed dependent on the weight of vehicle.

The Falling-Object-Protective-System (FOPS) prevents injuries by objects falling down or collapsing like construction components, tools or such like.

The Tipp-Over-Protection-Structure (TOPS) ensures the inviolability of the machine operator in mini excavators.

OREGON operator protective roofs for fork-lift trucks protect the driver pursuant to the legal stipulations.

And OPS safety glazing protects the drivers of forestry machines from accidents.

Fritzmeier produces thousands of these safety frames every year for well-known manufacturers.