VDBUM advancement award for “Genius CAB”

We are proud and happy that yesterday we were awarded the VDBUM advancement award in the category “Industry Development” at the VDBUM corporate training event in Willingen, Germany for our Genius Cab.

The award was presented to the Concept Cab Cluster at an evening event in the scope of the VDBUM corporate training event on February 24. Prof. Jens Krzywinski (TU Dresden), Dr. Thomas Hiebaum (HELLA), Fritz Schadeck (Fritzmeier) and Alexandra Herrmann (Fritzmeier) were proud recipients of the award.

The Genius CAB is the result of an ingenious synthesis of state-of-the-art developments of select innovation-driven suppliers independent of OEMs. The virtues of each component installed are coordinated with the added value of the other components and geared towards operator needs. Thanks to the newly designed, operator-friendly working environment and innovative HMI assistant technology operators enjoy added working comfort and process awareness. The VDBUM advancement award is awarded every year for innovations in the construction industry at the VDBUM corporate training event. Come and visit us from April 11 to April 17 at bauma and be there when the Genius CAB is presented to the public!