Fritzmeier SystemsFritzmeier Systems

Fritzmeier Systems

At the main production facility of the company, cabs and cladding parts are produced for construction machines and fork-lift trucks.

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Fritzmeier WelsFritzmeier Wels

Fritzmeier Wels

In Wels in Upper Austria Fritzmeier produces cabs and cladding parts for construction machines and driver’s cabs for mobile cranes.

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Fritzmeier VyškovFritzmeier Vyškov

Fritzmeier Vyškov

Near to Brno in the Czech Republic in an area of 22.000 m² steel pipe constructions are produced for cabs and cladding parts in addition to the assembly of complete cabs.

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Fritzmeier EngineeringFritzmeier Engineering

Fritzmeier Engineering

Specialized in light-weight structures of modern building components: at Fritzmeier in Sibiu in the heart of Romania development and production work hand in hand

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Fritzmeier BánovceFritzmeier Bánovce

Fritzmeier Bánovce

Since 2005 Fritzmeier has operated several production facilities in Bánovce in Slovakia. Aluminium windows and doors are produced here for utility vehicles in more than 70 welding boxes.

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In 1995 taken over from Fritzmeier,  with 320 employees CARWALL produces in  20,000 m² plant area cabs and cladding parts for construction machines and fork-lift trucks
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